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DIRECTX 7: DirectMusic

Welcome to the DirectMusic tutorials section, This section of DirectX 7 tutorials cover the playback of music for games, using this feature you can either playback normal music tracks, or programmatically and dynamically create music on the fly - change the music as the mood of the game changes.

The following list contain the available tutorials, a brief description and a rating - pay particular attention to the rating, trying things beyond your capability may prove foolish.. but then again, you do need to push yourself if you want to succeed.

Playing MIDI music An introduction into DirectMusic through playing a standard MIDI sequence
Playing DLS music A further introduction, this time the basics of playing dynamic music
Modifying Music An example that shows how to alter the volume and other parameters of a musical sequence
Getting Info How to retrieve information about the current piece of music
Looping Music Setting up DirectMusic so it loops a piece of music over and over again
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