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DirectX 9 Tutorials
January 2003

Microsoft's 9th major release of the this popular API further refines and advances the design changes of the v8 release. This time we have a special treat - managed code. Proper managed code interfaces for all aspects of DirectX9 allow any .Net programming language access the DX9 features.

Please Note: All source code (unless specified otherwise) is in VB.Net format. However, being based on the .Net framework it should be fairly simple to convert it to J# or C# (and any other .Net languages).


... Basic Direct3D 9 the Managed-Code way
    A 55-page crash course covering all the essentials for making simple, but solid, 3D games. This tutorial covers: basic 3D theory, initialisation, geometry (2D and 3D), textures and transformations. Now updated to version 1.1 - including C# and C++ source code.
    DOWNLOAD: Adobe Acrobat Document and VB.Net source code [3.66mb] 

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