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DirectX 7 Tutorials
December 1999

This was the first version of Microsoft's high-performance multimedia programming API that was available to your average Visual Basic Programmer. Whilst several good 3rd party libraries existed before hand, the release of an officially supported version of DirectX for Visual Basic can be considered to be the starting point for respectable multimedia programming in VB.


Microsoft DirectX 7 was divided into the following areas:

DirectDraw - 19 Tutorials
High Performance 2D graphics API

Direct3D Immediate Mode - 11 Tutorials
High Performance 3D graphics API

Direct3D Retained Mode - 4 Tutorials
General Purpose / Simpler 3D Graphics API

DirectSound - 9 Tutorials
High functionality, Low-Latency sound effects playback and recording API

DirectMusic - 5 Tutorials
A fully featured music playback and composing API

DirectInput - 3 Tutorials
Support for almost every known input device for the PC! All accessed through a simple-to-use API

DirectPlay - 2 Tutorials
High Performance network/internet API mainly for programming Multiplayer/Online games

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